Angelus Leather Dye Turquoise 3oz

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Angelus Leather Dye Turquoise 3oz
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Product Description

Angelus Dye is a highly pigmented dye. It was manufactured for smooth leather items. The dye permeates the leather, due to which it permanently dyes it without abrasion or flaking. It is ideal for dyeing or restoring the colour of saddles, shoes, wallets, purses, belts, etc. Angelus Dye can also be diluted to obtain the desired colour or mixed with other dyes.


Please first try out the dye in an inconspicuous area to test whether you get the desired result.

Before you apply the dye, remove all dirt and the protective coating from the leather using the Angelus Leather Preparer and Deglazer. Shake well before use. Next, apply two even, thin layers. Allow the paint to dry for 8 hours. Finally, polish the leather surface with Angelus Perfect Stain Wax.

Please note that you can only dye leather from light to dark with the smooth leather dye and that it is permanent.
If you want to dilute the dye or mix it with other colours, use Angelus Dye Reducer.
For more precise work, we recommend the Dye Liner.
After you have dyed your item, you can apply a Finisher for protection.

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