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What is Leather Paint?

Leather paint is a special kind of paint, specifically made for painting leather. delivers for every kind of leather different types leather paint. Read the step-by-step guide on how to paint leather on the Leather Paint category page. Later on in the article, we will also talk about Preparation & Finisher, and how to apply these liquids for a perfect leather paintjob. Leather shoe paint can also be used to paint your exclusive, limited edition or classic trainers. The Angelus Collector’s Edition Paint Series are specifically designed to retouch, recolour & revitalize your old leather sneakers. More information about this premium production line can be found below, or on the corresponding page.

History of the Angelus Brand

The Angelus Brand was started in Chicago, where Paul T. Angelus arrived almost a century ago. Being a Greek immigrant, the way his business developed could best be described as the ultimate American Dream. Shining shoes, he made a living for himself until he had saved up enough to make the trip to Los Angeles. After a while he had secured enough savings to open up his own shine stand. The one shine stand quickly made way for two more, and he shortly brought his brothers over from Greece to help the business take off. He was crowned “King of the Bootblacks” and shortly after, developed his own shoe shine. The demand for their shoeshine exploded, thus the shine stands were sold and focus was put on the development of the product we still know today. After a period of time, the business was sold. Shortly after, the demand faded in reaction to changes in the manufacturing process. The Angelus brand was bought back, and restored to its former glory! As a result of the changes, Angelus is now once again the top manufacturer of shoe polish, leather paint, leather dye and other accessories.

What kind of Products do we Offer?

Leather Paint

The leather paint of the Angelus Brand is an acrylic based, flexible yet strong paint coat, that can be used to recolour your leather. The paint is water-based and non toxic. It also sticks to multiple surfaces and can be used to paint a lot of different types of leather. There are a few different kinds of paint: Standard, Metallic, Neon, Pearlescent, Collector’s Edition & Glitterlites. Although there are around 150 colours available, these different paints can be mixed together to create even more colours. The paint can also be mixed with thinner and other additives to influence the thickness. This is paramount when using an airbrush, as the paint will otherwise clog your equipment. Check out all the available colours in the colour chart here.

Leather Dye

When you want to colour your old leatherwear instead of painting it, you can either use leather dye or suede dye. This will shine a transparent coat on your existing leather, which is permanent. This product naturally works best on smooth leather types. If you are looking for a way to paint sneakers, you can use leather shoe dye, although leather paint may be a better option. When you think the colour is too dark, a denatured alcohol or thinner can be used to thin the paint. This will make the sheen a little bit lighter, giving you a different colour. You can even dye furniture, leather belts and more.  Get your leather dye kit here, and enjoy fast delivery time! Do you want to know how to dye leather? Have a look at the Leather Dye or Suede Dye page to find out more.

Preparation & Finisher

Preparation & Finisher are products that are indispensable when you are working with leather paint, also described in the step by step guide to painting your shoes. Before you paint, clean the leather with preparer to remove any old leather finisher and dirt. When done painting, add some angelus finisher to give the leather a little glossy shine. When you want to go for a matte finish use the corresponding Matte Finisher.

Paint Additives

Paint additives are used to alter the consistency of the paint to your liking. For example, when you are using an airbrush, a paint thinner is used to make the paint flow more freely, allowing you to apply a more even paint coat. Duller can be used to reduce the gloss effect some paints or finishers have, and 2-Soft specifically is used for the softer areas of the shoe. 2-Hard is an additive that, when mixed with Acrylic Paint, can stick to harder surfaces. Be aware that the surface needs to be non-porous, otherwise it won’t work. Angelus paint additives are the best way of thinning, thickening or altering the consistency of the paint.

Clean & Condition

When restoring old leather, chances are that the leather itself just needs a little magic. Instead of this, a lot of people just use leather paint or leather dye. Sometimes it’s even better to just use some cleaning supplies to clean the leather, or use some conditioning supplies to make it shine again. Use a brush in combination with Angelus preparer & deglazer to brush off all the dirt. For conditioning, use some Lederbalm or leather conditioner to make the old leather shine again. Angelus brand products are what you need when your shoes need shining! Even the shoe shine (or shoe polish) that made the brand famous can be bought at!


When painting or dyeing leather, you will need some accessories to complete your task. For example, an alternative to paint brushes is given: angelus leather paint markers! You can fill this with Angelus Acrylic Paint. All the things you need when you want to paint leather are here! Mask tape to make clear lines, mixing jars, fingertips blades, leather care products and different paint brushes. The result won’ t be as good when you don’t use the right accessories! If you want to know how to paint leather, have a look at user manual.

About us:

Let’s introduce ourselves: We are! If you’re looking for leather paint, Angelus Products, advice on painting leather or other leather products, you’re at the right place! We are without a doubt the most specialized Angelus Leather Paint store on the web. Shop your leather paint at a trusted reseller, who offers the entire Angelus product range!

On top of this, we also offer services unique to us, like fast shipping, a fair price range, and the largest colour range available. We have over 150 different colours in stock, as well as dyes and other products. Mix two or more different colours to create your personal favourite! If you still have questions about our products, services or if you want personal advice concerning painting your leather products, have a look at the contact page.  

When you want to order the best quality products, Angelus is the way to go. Simply the best ingredients, reliable for generations to come. Angelus Leather Paint will make your old leather shine again!